Jerry Richard Connelly, is a main character in the show School Daze. He is the Uncle of Tom, Allison, and Alex. He lives in Milford with his son Michael. He used to be married to Sally, but they got divorced a long time ago. Every weekend, him and Michael would pick up Tom, Allison, and their friends and take them to their house so they can play computer games.

Personality Edit

Like Michael, Jerry is a Computer Whiz, but he doesn’t use his computer to play video games. Instead, he uses it for business purposes, Like paperwork, bills, etc. He is also a big fan of The Simpsons & Family Guy. Jerry would always make references to both of the shows. Like for example, he would use some catchphrases from Family Guy once in a while. He also used Homer’s catchphrase “Doh” on a few occasions. In earlier episodes, Trent used that catchphrase as well. Jerry is also very helpful. For example, he has helped Allison with school projects on a few occasions. He also helped Tom & Trent with their Science Fair project in “Data Weekend”. He also likes watching Big Brother with Allison. They do this while Michael, Tom, and the gang are downstairs in the Gaming Lair, playing Video Games.

Biography Edit

Jerry was born on October 23, 1969. Like Sally, Jerry grew up in a town near Boston. He was raised by Nona and Pa. Due to the fact that Boston schools were terrible at educating students, Jerry had to attend a private school. Years later, He met Aunt Sally at his friend Greg's wedding. They dated for a few months before Jerry proposes to Sally using a birthday cake with "MARRY ME SALLY" written on it with icing. Sally said yes, though she now thinks that proposal was lame. After getting married, they give birth to Michael and end up raising Tom, Allison, and Alex as well after their mom died and their dad left them. They lived in Norwood for 3 years before moving to 2 Wampanoag drive in Franklin. they lived there for the next few years until Sally and Jerry got a divorce. Jerry took Michael and they temporarily moved to Westwood and stayed at Nona's house. Years Later, they move to 30 Madden Ave. in Milford. Tom and the gang visit their house every weekend and go out to dinner with them every Wednesday.

Appearance Edit

Uncle Jerry has fair skin and brown eyes. He has short brown hair with a goatee. He wears glasses and a silver watch on his left wrist. He was born without a left ear, so the doctors made him a fake ear. However, he can't hear out of that ear, making him half-deaf. Like many characters, Jerry;s attire changes very frequently, he wears 4 main outfits throughout the series.

Original Series (Seasons 1-10) Edit

In the Original Series, He wore a dark blue polo shirt, khaki pants, and black dress shoes. He wore this in Wampanoag.

8GA, HSY, FS (Current) Edit

In most of the School Daze Series, he wears a gray polo shirt, blue jeans, and dark gray dress shoes.

Style B Edit

HIs Style B outfit consists of a white hoodie, a black undershirt, dark gray shorts, and gray sneakers with red and blue accents.

Style C Edit

His Style C outfit consists of a white or blue dress shirt with or without a tie, a black belt with a silver buckle, black or beige trousers, and black dress shoes.

Style D Edit

His Style D outfit consists of a t-shirt of various colors, such as white, tan, black, red, blue, green, light gray, or purple, black, white, or blue long shorts, and black sneakers with red accents.

Style E Edit

His Style E outfit consists of a black, blue, or gray jacket over an undershirt of varying colors, black or light blue jeans, and gray or black sneakers.

Animas Extravaganza Edit

Uncle Jerry's main outfit during the Animas Extravaganza Series consists of a black winter jacket over a purple long-sleeved undershirt, light blue jeans, and brown shoes.

The Weirdness War Edit

Uncle Jerry is shown wearing 2 outfits throughout the Forever Sophomores finale. All of the outfits he wore are listed below:

  • In the first scene, when he goes out to eat at UNO's with Tom and co., He wore a white dress shirt with pink pinstripes, a black belt with a silver buckle, brown trousers, and black dress shoes.
  • When Tom and co. hang out with him during Father's Day, Uncle Jerry wore a blue t-shirt with the Tapout logo on it, long white shorts with blue highlights, and black and red sneakers.

Relationships Edit

Jerry gets along with pretty much the whole family, but he does get irritated whenever one of the kids says or does something rude or inappropriate. He often gets pissed off at Terri whenever she pees or poops outside of the kitchen. He has also shown signs of detesting Rigby.

Trivia Edit

  • Uncle Jerry mostly appears in episodes that take place on Wednesdays or on the weekends.
  • Uncle Jerry debuted on Adventure Sponge
  • Uncle Jerry tells family stories more often than Aunt Sally does.
  • The kids never got in trouble with Jerry on camera
  • Starting at Season 26, he becomes a Shower Nag like Mrs. Ruben.

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