Stewart "Stewie" Gilligan Griffin is an infant. He is the intelligent, flamboyant and eccentric one year old infant of Peter and Lois Griffin. Stewie, equipped with his teddy bear, Rupert and his laser gun, has, on several occasions, almost single handedly taken over the world and he seems to be obsessed with world domination and matricide. Despite being baptised by his grandfather, Francis Griffin, he still remains completely evil nonetheless. He speaks with a British accent and he is best friends with his family's dog Brian Griffin.

Personality Edit

Stewie was formerly an evil, maniacal baby, bent on doing villainous deeds such as taking over the world and trying to kill his mother. He was an evil genius, who used his brain for plotting and scheming and building torture devices and weapons of mass destruction. He was also very well-spoken and had a very wide range of vocabulary, using advanced, eloquent sentences in everyday life. Overtime, Stewie started to become more close to terms with his sexuality, starting to show more signs of being attracted to people of the male gender as time went by. He eventually became very attached with this and started to identify as an open bisexual, but liking men a lot more than women, though he had never explicitly mentioned it. He started to act very flamboyant and proud of his sexuality when he did. As he did this, he became less of an evil genius and eventually just stopped trying to take over the world and kill Lois and sort of just started acting like a regular human being. Even still, he still made a lot of snarky, sarcastic comments about his family and still expresses a lot of slight toward Lois.

Biography Edit

Season 3 Edit

In “Quest to Kill Willy”, Stewie tells Patrick and Jake to sneak into Tom’s school and kill Willy before he kills the teachers

Season 7 Edit

In “Tom’s Birthday”, Stewie makes a cameo in a small segment where everyone (including Steve) is assaulting Meg.

School Daze: The Movie Edit

In School Daze: The Movie, After learning that Alex, Mordecai, and Rigby are trapped in space, Caillou calls Stewie for help, but he says that he’ll only help if he gets Brian and Quagmire to get along. After Caillou kicked Quagmire’s ass, Stewie began building the portal to earth, only to have Mordecai and Benson teleport in his room. Eventually, they all go to New Hampshire. They then go to a theme park to find Alex and Rigby, but they get distracted by the rides. At the end, they all unite to foil Tord’s plans by playing his least favorite song Sunshine Lolipops. Then, Joe arrests Tord and everyone goes home. Tord eventually escapes.

Season 18(Simpsons Guy 4) Edit

While struggling with High School, Tom and the gang decide to have Stewie come to the school and help out for a few weeks. Stewie accepts the offer. Things are great at first, but things get bad when Trent and Willy ignore his advice and do their work incorrectly. When it was nearly time to go, Boris tells Caillou that him and his friends are failing Algebra, and that they are gonna have to stay after for extra help. This stresses Stewie out and makes him cry. He then calls Brian(who is on a Pokemon journey with Ash and Bart around the same time) and explains his situation. Brian comforts him by telling him that he is really smart and that he should be confident. The Next Day, Stewie helps Tom and his friends with Algebra. Afterwards, Tom and the gang help Stewie get home to Brian. On the way, they run into Team Rocket, who trap Pikachu and Stewie into a box. They are eventually broken free. In the end, everyone parts ways and goes home.

Uncle Funtime: Thanksgiving Edition Edit

Stewie, Peter, and Brian go to The Simpsons house and spend thanksgiving with them. Later on, Ash and his friends stay over as well. Then, they travel to the future and find Fry, Leela, Bender, and Farnsworth. When Thanksgiving came, they went to Tom’s house to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Afterwards, they go to Gammy’s house to eat dinner. Finally, they help Ash rescue his Pikachu, who was kidnapped by a little boy that was tricked by Team Rocket and Red Leader.

School Daze: Christmas Chronicles Edit

After learning that his Biology grade is at risk, Caillou goes to Stewie’s house for advice. Then, Caillou’s Parents show up and yell at their son for going to Stewie’s House on a school night. Eventually, Peter and Lois show up and argue with Caillou’s Parents over how they mistreat their kids(and pet). This results in both parents being sent to Parenting Camp and Caillou, Stewie, and Brian are forced to stay at Tom’s house until their parents are released. During the time they’ve been in franklin, Stewie and Brian met new friends, celebrated christmas, and went on a lot of crazy adventures. Eventually, the parents return and apologize to their children for abusing them. They went back home after that.

School Daze 2: A Jolly Good Battle Edit

Stewie and Brian can be seen watching the Final Battle with Anti-Pops on television.

Larsson and the Power of One! Edit

Stewie has been hanging out with Caillou and Brian, oblivious of what Tord and his family are up to. The Larssons cause a lot of problems for the gang, such as giving Lois an allergy potion, turning Daisy into a cat, etc. Eventually, Olivia gets possessed by the spirit of Fred Blackout. Then, him and the Larssons kidnap Stewie and strap him to a device, which eventually kills him. This makes Brian cry. At the end, everything is back to normal as Stewie is brought back to life.

Pokemon: Franklin Expeditions Edit

In “Griffin Family Therapy”, Ash and the gang join Caillou and the Griffins on a road-trip to Quahog. When they got there, Brian and Quagmire get into a fight, which is broken up by Brock. They then tell stories of all the terrible things Quagmire did to Brian. Then, Team Rocket shows up and forces Brian electrocute those who had hurt him using Pikachu’s energy. Stewie, Ash, and his friends were unable to stop them as they were tied up so they wouldn’t interfere. Eventually, Team Rocket is blasted off, and everything is back to normal.

In “Gender Exposed!”, Stewie and Brian join Ash and the gang on a trip to Nona’s House, where they learn that Meowth is actually a girl. They give him a hard time about it.

In “Marathon Guy”, Ash and the gang join The Simpsons and The Griffins on an expedition to the Boston Marathon. After watching the marathon, they eat at Dairy Queen and part ways.

In “Farewell, Young Travelers”, Stewie and Brian appear in a few flashbacks.

Season 24 Edit

In “Swiped from the Stores”, Stewie and Brian can be seen chatting with Caillou on skype just as he found out that his 3DS game has been stolen.

Season 25 Edit

In “What you Read is What you get”, Stewie and Brian are chatting with Caillou and Rosie on skype while playing Tomodachi Life before going out to dinner with Michael.

In “The Dental Institution”, Stewie and Brian watch a lot of YouTube videos with Caillou in a skype-chat. Later, they meet up with Tom and the gang and take a trip to the dentist. Afterwards, they run a lot of errands.

In “The Final Frontier”, Stewie and Brian chat with Caillou on Skype. After School went out, They went to the movies with Tom and the gang.

School Daze 3: Marquez and the Orb of Life Edit

Stewie and Brian hang out in Caillou’s Room while he’s playing Tomodachi Life.

Season 26 Edit

In “Disaster at the Drive-In”, Stewie, along with Caillou, Brian, and the rest of the Griffin family (except Lois) go to the Drive-In to see Despicable Me 3. When they got there, they ran into the Connellys, who just so happened to be seeing the movie as well. As they were in the middle of the movie, the projector stopped working and they had to leave, which upset Stewie.

In “Alli, You’re a Firework!”, Stewie, Brian, and Caillou attempt to film the first episode of the Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl in Sims 3 series, but as they got started filming, It was time for Caillou to leave.

In “Life at the Cottage”, Stewie and Brian hung out at Caillou’s house to watch him play Tomodachi Life.

In “Driving-Into Attempt #2”, Stewie and the Griffins went back to the Drive-In with Caillou, the Connellys, and the Marquez family to try and see Despicable Me 3 again. This time, the whole movie actually played.

In “Hooked on Sweets, Stewie and Brian hang out at Caillou’s house and watch Youtube, Play Tomodachi Life, and read some Hooked Stories.

Uncle Funtime 4: A Series of Excitement Edit

In "The Patty Poachers" Him, along with Brian and Patrick hang out at Caillou's house to watch YouTube and play Tomodachi Life, until Finn and Spongebob arrive to take Patrick home. He helps Ash and co. stop Team Rocket and Plankton from destroying the Krusty Krab.

In "Lost in Natick". he is briefly seen hanging out at Caillou's House.

He makes a brief cameo in "Enter Brock and Misty!".

From "The Train of Strength" to "Battle for Vacation", he helps Peter and Mr. Krabs train and watches them fight in the contest.

He joins the gang on their trip to New York City from "Road to New York City" through "The Conclusion to a Really Short Trip".

For the remainder of Uncle Funtime 4, he is mostly seen either with Caillou or helping the gang rescue Patrick, who has been kidnapped by Trent and Willy.

Season 28 Edit

In "Physically Geometric Artists", him and Brian hang out at Caillou's house. Later on, Stewie gives him dry clothes after his old clothes got ruined in the rain.

In "Sounds Like Tragedy", he watches "The Truth About Toy Story" with Caillou and Brian.

In most of his appearances in this season, he is basically hanging out at Caillou's House. This happens in "The Assembly Rules", "Another New South Park Episode", and "Caillou's Anime Cringe".

He appears in a few flashbacks of "Quizpocalypse 3: All Will Be Revealed".

Season 29 Edit

In "One Stray Movie" and "The Rainchops of Columbus Day", he watches the Drum Island Arc. from One Piece with Caillou and Brian.

In "Return to Maine", he watches Caillou play Tomodachi Life.

Season 30 Edit

In "Schwartz, Y U No Help?" He watches anime with Caillou and Brian.

Inn "The Wit's End" Stewie informs Caillou that Brian that he was kicked out of the Griffin house, and he is seen crying over it in "Never Take Things for Granted". These episodes took place during and after the events of the Family Guy episode "The D in Apartment 23".

In "Call for Chromebooks", he shows excitement for Brian's return.

He goes to a Mary Poppins play with the Connellys in "Wonder of Poppins".

He spends thanksgiving with the Connellys in "The School Daze 30th Anniversary Special".

Season 31 Edit

In "Life During Post-Thanksgiving! Christmas is just around the Corner!", he is seen hanging out at Gammy's with the others.

Appearance Edit

Stewie is a short, tubby, baby with an abnormally shaped head. His head sort of looks like a football. He has 9 strands of black hair that are combed over his head from front to back. His eyes are big and round and far apart. He wears a yellow shirt with red overalls and light blue shoes. He sometimes wears a blue backpack.

In the Christmas Chronicles series, he wore a white sweater with a red border and heart on it.

In the Animas Extravaganza seires, he wears a red hoodie over a puffy yellow vest. Underneath the hoodie, he wears his original shirt. He also wears black jeans, dark blue snow boots with brown soles, green finger-less gloves with red borders, and his blue backpack. He wore Brian's collar around his waist for the first half of the series, but after Brian moves back in, he replaces it with the Metal of Trust.

Gallery Edit

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