8th Grade Adventures is the second saga of the School Daze series. It features 7 seasons and 100 episodes of Tom and the gang going on adventures in the 8th Grade inside and outside of school.

Characters Edit

Main Edit

Tom Connelly

Trent Boyett

Willy Fredrickson

Dora Marquez

Diego Marquez

Allison Connelly

Alex Connelly



Michael Connelly

Aunt Sally

William P. Connelly

Uncle Jerry


Caillou Tollar

Recurring Edit

Declan Lynch

Nick Nowe

Kelsi Richardson

Ethan Edwards

Domenic Calitri

Mrs. Raffin

Ms. Ahlberg

Mr. Edmonds

Ms. Ghiloni

Ms. Romano

Mr. Kammerer

Mrs. Pinto






Minor Edit

James Bullis

Bailey Ridge

Nick Jaworski





The Utensils

Other Students

Seasons Edit

Season 11 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
178 1 Welcome to the 8th Grade Tom & Trent return to school for the 8th grade. 9/2/15
179 2 History behind the Teacher’s Dad Mrs. Ahlberg assigns her class to write an essay about her father. 9/3/15
180 3 Off to the Cape Tom, Dora, Diego, & Boots go on a family trip to Cape Cod, and Trent tags along. 9/4/15
181 4 Runaway Alex Alex runs away from home to live with Mordecai and Rigby. 9/8/15
182 5 Back at the Gym Tom and Trent start attending gym class again. 9/9/15
183 6 Multiregularverse Alex once again runs away from home, So Tom, Dora, Diego, and Allison must travel through other universes to find him. 9/10/15
184 7 Picture Day It’s Picture Day at Remington School. 9/14/15
185 8 Too Much Homework VII Tom & Trent get a lot of homework for the 7th time. 9/15/15
186 9 The New South Park Episode Tom, Dora, Diego, and Boots must watch the South Park Season 19 premiere. 9/16/15
187 10 Ernie’s Standing Experiment The Utensils do an experiment to see if Ernie is able to stand. 9/17/15
188 11 More Plastic Surgery After failing the Standing Experiment, Ernie is forced to get plastic surgery. 9/18/15
189 12 Tom’s Dentist Appointment Tom goes to the dentist for his yearly appointment. 9/19/15
190 13 Assignment Free The school doesn't assign homework for the whole day. 9/21/15
191 14 Time Rupture Trent goes back in time to prevent his arrest, but he alters the future by doing so. Now it's up to Tom, Dora, and Diego to fix the damage. 9/23/15
192 15 Another Geo Quiz Tom and Trent take a geography quiz. Meanwhile, Nick seems to be upset about something. 9/24/15
193 16 Trip to the Movies Tom, Dora, Diego, Boots, and the Connellys go to the movies. 9/25/15
194 17 Time Rupture II Part 1 Alex goes back in time to make sure he wins the swim race and somehow changes the future. So now it's up to Tom, Dora, and Diego to fix the damage. 9/28/15
195 18 Time Rupture II Part 2 History repeats itself as Tom, Dora, and Diego from another time period try to stop Alex from changing the future. 9/29/15
196 19 Time Rupture II Part 3 Tom, Dora, and Diego learn the true cause of the Time Rupture. 9/30/15

Season 12 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
197 1 Demon Snake Outbreak William gets Alex bitten by a Demon Snake as punishment for changing history. 10/1/16
198 2 2 Quizzes and a Car Crash Tom & Trent have to take 2 quizzes. Meanwhile, Aunt Sally gets into a car crash. 10/2/16
199 3 Trent the Hacker Trent hacks another student’s Minecraft account. 10/5/16
200 4 Substitute of a Nagger Mrs. Raffin is absent, so she gets a substitute. 10/6/16
201 5 Constant Teamwork The students work together to finish classwork. 10/7/16
202 6 Willy acts “Formal” Willy tries to act normal for the whole day. 10/8/16
203 7 The Six Flags Adventure Tom, Dora, Diego, Boots, and the Connellys spend the weekend at Six Flags. Meanwhile, Boots wants to get Tico a present after trying to hit on him. 10/9/16
204 8 Nagged up to the Drill Point Trent has trouble putting up with Mrs. Raffin’s nagging fetish. Meanwhile, the school has a lockdown drill. 10/12/16
205 9 Michael the Explorer. Michael’s friends are being held hostage by Trent. So it’s up to him, Tom, Dora, and Diego to save them. 10/13/16
206 10 Mini Raffin Trent mocks his teacher with an eraser. 10/14/16
207 11 The Hunt for Phil Phil goes missing again, so it’s up to the Utensils to find him. 10/15/16
208 12 Busted for Copy/Pasting Tom & Trent try to do their Science Project background by copy and pasting from the Wikipedia, only to be caught by Mrs. Raffin. 10/16/16
209 13 The Aspen Assignment Tom & Trent have to check their Science grade on Aspen for homework. 10/19/16
210 14 Tom’s Haircut Tom goes to Cost Cutters for his Haircut and is accompanied by Dora & Diego. But they make some enemies in the Kids Room. 10/20/16
211 15 Prospector’s Investigation After being screwed over by Tom, Dora, and Diego at Cost Cutters, The Prospector studies their daily routines to find some dirt to use against them. 10/21/16
212 16 A Wimpy Weekend Greg Heffley’s family gets arrested, and the only way to bail them out is to go to a bookstore called: An Unlikely Story. So he seeks help from Tom, Dora, and Diego. 10/22/16
213 17 Hatred for Naggers Trent begins to hate Mrs. Raffin for constantly nagging him. 10/23/16
214 18 Conference Binders Mrs. Ahlberg gives her class Conference Binders. 10/26/16
215 19 Breaking the Cycle Trent tries to break the cycle of being nagged by Mrs. Raffin. 10/27/16
216 20 School Daze Spooktacular Movie Tom, Dora, Diego, Boots, and Tico set out to cure Alex of his Demon Snake curse. On the way, they learn the truth about the Utensils. 10/31/16

Season 13 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
217 1 Alex’s Crazy Adventure After learning that the Utensils are alive, The FBI abducts the families of Tom, Dora, and Diego along with the Utensils. Now it's up to Alex, Tom, Dora, and Diego to save them. 11/2/15
218 2 Doing Homework on a Half-Day Tom and Trent try to finish homework during a Half-Day. 11/3/15
219 3 Trent Boyett and the Bad Day Mrs. Raffin catches Trent trying to finish late homework. This results in a huge conflict between the two. 11//15
220 4 Back to the Movies Tom the gang go to the movies to see the Peanuts Movie. Meanwhile Trent once again gets in trouble with Mrs. Raffin. 11/5/15
221 5 Trent's 1st day of Respect For the first time in history, Trent is actually nice to his teacher. 11/6/15
222 6 Alex's Sickness Alex suffers from a terrible sickness. Meanwhile Tom and Trent have some work to do. 11/9/15
223 7 2 Simple Assignments Tom and Trent get a couple assignments that are actually pretty easy. 11/10/15
224 8 The Epic Game Tom & the gang want to go to a basketball game at Tri-County, but Aunt Sally struggles to get them tickets. 11/11/15
225 9 Problems with Cool-Math Tom and Trent visit the Cool-Math website, only to learn that it's broken. 11/12/15
226 10 School Daze Thanksgiving Movie Caillou and Alex get kidnapped by the Prospector, So it's up to Tom and the gang to rescue them. 11/13/15

Season 14 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
227 1 It's the Same-Old, Same-Old The same, boring old shit happens at school, such as Classes, Homework, etc. 12/1/15
228 2 The Second Exam Mr. Edmonds's class takes another exam. 12/2/15
229 3 Allison's Concert Tom and the gang go to Allison's Winter Concert. 12/3/15
230 4 A Day with (almost) No Homework The students come so close to a homework-less day, Until a certain teacher decides to screw it up. 12/4/15
231 5 Ghiloni’s Substitute Ms. Ghiloni's is absent, So of course, she gets a substitute. 12/7/15
232 6 Quest to Finish the Party List Tom and Trent must finish a Computer project before the term ends. 12/8/15
233 7 Principal Willy Willy pretends to be the former principal of Remington Middle School. 12/9/15
214 8 The Medieval Quiz Mrs. Albert's class takes a quiz on Medieval times. Meanwhile, Willy pretends to be a cop. 12/10/15
235 9 The Real Silly Billy Willy pretends to be the original ”Silly Billy” 12/11/15
236 10 Nanny Willy Willy pretends to be Super Nanny so he can make Tom and Trent’s STEM group behave. 12/14/15
237 11 School Daze Christmas Movie Tom, Alex, Dora, Diego, Mordecai, Rigby, and the whole family embark on a Magical Christmas Adventure. Meanwhile, after being snitched on, Trent and Willy try to find their good luck. 12/15/15

Season 15 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
238 1 It Sucks to be Back The students are back at school, and they aren't very happy about it. 1/1/16
239 2 Science Project Error After Alex messes up on their Science Experiment, Tom, Trent, and Willy are forced to re-do it. 1/4/16
240 3 3 Assignments and a Fight Tom, Trent, and Willy have to complete 3 assignments. Meanwhile, Nick gets into a fight with another student. 1/5/16
241 4 2 Difficult Assignments Tom, Trent, and Willy get assignments that are really difficult. Meanwhile, Collin takes drastic measures to get Tom and Trent to re-join the Pizza Doritos. 1/6/16
242 5 An Attempt to Behave Trent tries to be nice to his nagging teacher. 1/7/16
243 6 Data Weekend Tom, Trent, and Willy still need to re-do their data, So Mrs. Raffin decides to call Uncle Jerry, thus forcing them to do it on the weekend. 1/8/16
244 7 2 Study Guides in 1 Day. Tom, Trent, and Willy are given 2 study guides for 2 different quizzes. 1/11/16
245 8 A Workless Day of Losing Stuff Tom, Trent, and Willy have no work to do, but they do end up losing stuff. 1/12/16
246 9 The Hardest Quiz EVA! Tom, Trent, and Willy take a geography quiz that’s really hard. 1/13/16
247 10 Learning an Old Math Subject Mrs. Raffin teaches her students a subject they learned back in 7th Grade. 1/14/16
248 11 Where my Youtube Gone? When Youtube stopped working on their tablet, Alex, Mordecai, and Rigby seek help from Patrick, considering the fact that he had the same problem last year. 1/15/16
249 12 A Weekend of Cold Weather Tom and the gang stay at a hotel for the weekend while dealing with freezing cold weather 1/22/16
250 13 Hard Work with Help The students work really hard in class with help from teachers. 1/25/16
251 14 2 Assemblies and a Funeral Tom’s Uncle Bill passes away, so him and his friends and family must attend his funeral. Meanwhile, the school has 2 assemblies. 1/26/16

Season 16 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
252 1 Making Up Some Work Tom, Trent, and Willy have to make up a lot of work that they missed because of the funeral. 2/1/16
253 2 The Return of Brie Brie returns after a 3-month absence. 2/2/16
254 3 Super Hard Homework Tom, Trent, and Willy get a really difficult homework assignment. 2/3/16
255 4 Parent Paragraph Tom, Trent, and Willy write a paragraph about Uncle Jerry. 2/4/16
256 5 William Reaches his Breaking Point When William starts to act really aggressive, Aunt Sally is forced to lock him in her bedroom. 2/5/16
257 6 Hatred for Rules Trent gets pissed at Mrs. Raffin after he learns that computer games are against the rules. 2/8/16
258 7 Math Games Galore Tom, Trent, and Willy play a lot of math games in Mrs. Raffin’s Class. 2/9/16
259 8 Projects Assigned Before Break Mrs. Raffin tells Tom, Trent, and Willy to re-do their data again during February Vacation. 2/10/16
260 9 Back for Work After returning from the break, Tom, Trent, and Willy have a lot of work to do. 2/11/16
261 10 Sally’s Accident Sally gets into a horrible accident that totals her car. 2/12/16
262 11 Back in Health Again Tom, Trent, and Willy return to Health class with a new teacher. 2/22/16
263 12 Alex the Student Alex and Rigby have a bet where Alex has to spend a day at his brother’s school. 2/23/16
264 13 Rude and Hardworking Tom, Trent, and Willy work really hard while having conflicts with Mrs. Raffin. 2/24/16

Season 17 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
265 1 More Hard Work The students have to finish really hard worksheets. 3/1/16
266 2 Welcome to Art Tom, Trent, and Willy start attending Art class again. Meanwhile, Nick and Brie have a serious falling out. 3/7/16
267 3 Alex vs. Fred Blackout Boots gets possessed by Fred Blackout, and it's up to Alex, Tom, and the whole gang to save him. 3/21/16
268 4 Project Grading Tom, Trent, and Willy get their Science Project graded. 4/1/16
269 5 The Fair and The Mall Tom, Trent, and Willy go to the Science Fair. Later on, Alex joins the school on a field trip to the mall. 4/15/16
270 6 Back from the Break After a long break, the students are back at school. 4/25/16
271 7 Return of Wilbur Davies Trent, Willy, and Caillou do an experiment that might destroy the world. So it's up to Tom and the gang to stop them. 4/29/16
272 8 The Video Project Tom, Trent, and Willy have to make a movie about a book called: The Silence of Murder. 5/2/16
273 9 Phineas and Ferb: The School Daze Caillou gets Doofenshmirtz and Perry to help him, Tom, Trent, and Willy with PARCC. Meanwhile, Phineas and Ferb let Alex stay in their house after he was seriously injured. 5/23/16
274 10 Project Overload Tom, Trent, and Willy have a lot of projects to do. 6/1/16
275 11 School Daze: The End The Sock-Head Bandit gets his exact double, Alex arrested and then pretends to be him for a while. Meanwhile, Trent and Willy plan to blow up the school, So it's up to Tom and the gang to stop them. 6/15/16
276 12 Allison's Fireworks Tom and the gang go see fireworks for Allison's birthday, and the cast of Family Guy is there as well. 7/3/16
277 13 School Daze: The Movie After learning that Alex is trapped in space, Tom, Caillou, and the gang seek help from a friend, who wants them to do something in return. 8/1/16

Theme Song Lyrics Edit

Hey Fairy

Where you going?

I'm trying to assemble all this light

I'll shine it down and make tomorrow bright

Oh Yea

Now do you hear the voices

Calling out your name?

Oh Yea

Because I lost my voice while

Doing the same

Oh Yea

I'll never quit until I feel your beating heart

Oh Yea Oh Yea

The sun and moon have joined in celebration

Have you forgotten their affiliation?

When you're not here to share your laughter with me

I just can't find my inspiration

Now it's snowing

Keep going

Be honest

Keep smiling because

We're approaching

The clock keeps on ticking

And it never stops

Hey Fairy

Where you going

I'm trying to assemble all this light

I'll shine it down and make tomorrow bright

Why? Why? Why?

Don't say goodbye

End Credits Lyrics Edit

Are you strong enough?

Can we make the cut?

Can we cross the finish line?

Make it out in time?

Can we pass the bar?

Can we make the grade?

Can we make it on our own?

Make it all alone?

Can we pull it off?

Can we save the day?

When we start to recognize

And start to realize

We can do anything!

We can be anyone!

Just close your eyes and try

To see

We can do anything!

We can be anyone!

Just close your eyes and try

To see

If you believe


We can do anything!

We can be anyone!

Just close your eyes and try

To see

We can do anything!

We can be anyone!

Just close your eyes and try

To see

We can do anything!

We can be anyone!

Just close your eyes and try

To see

If you believe


If you believe