Sakura Haruno is a kunoici of Konohagakure. When she was assigned to Team 7, Sakura immediately became unprepared for the duties of a shinobi. However, after training under Sannin Tsunade, she overcomes this and becomes one of the world's greatest medical-nin.

Personality Edit

When she was young, Sakura was insecure and self-conscious about her large forehead; she often covered it with her bangs. That was until she met Ino, who protected her from bullies and became her friend. After Sakura reveals that she has feelings for Sasuke, the two became arch-rivals. During Part 1, Sakura is shown to be very polite to her superiors, considerate of her peers, and confident in herself. She often showed bashfulness around Sasuke, and also competed with Ino for his love. She often shows feelings of delinquency jealousy, and anger, but she doesn't show these emotions to others, she projects them towards "Inner Sakura", an inner manifestation of herself. As time progressed, Sakura became stronger and fought harder. Eventually, she achieved her goal of marrying Sasuke.

Appearance Edit

Sakura has fair skin, green eyes, and pink hair. In childhood, she wore her hair as bangs to cover her large forehead to avoid being bullied. Ino encouraged her to wear her hair back instead, so that others can see her face. Later on, her hair got longer because she heard rumors that Sasuke is attracted to girls with long hair. During Part 1, she realizes that her long hair interferes with her combat skills, so she cuts it short, and it remains that way from that point forward. As Sakura gets older, she is noted to become very attractive. Throughout the Naruto anime, Sakura wears 4 different outfits.

Part 1 Edit

In Part 1 and Animas Extravaganza, Sakura wears a red qipao dress(with or without short sleeves) with slits along the sides accompanied by a zipper and white circular designs. She also wears tight dark green bike shorts with a shuriken holster around her right thigh, blue sandals, and the blue forehead protector worn as a hairband.

Part 2 Edit

In Part 2, Sakura wears a red top which resembles the upper half of her old dress, black gloves, black shorts under a short pink apron skirt, pink elbow protectors, and black low heel, knee-high boots. The cloth of her forhead protector is changed to red and she begins carrying a medical pouch. During the 4th Shinobi war, she wears a blue jumpsuit with a green flak jacket.

Last Naruto Movie Edit

In the Last Naruto Movie, she wears a red sleeveless qipao dress that reaches her upper-thighs, with white trimmings and a white circular design on the back resembling her Part 1 attire, the same black shorts and gloves from her Part 2 outfit, gray elbow and knee protectors, and black shinobi sandals.

Boruto Era Edit

In adulthood, Sakura wears a red sleeveles qipao top that exposes her navel with the Uchiha clan crest on the back, light pink pants, and black high-heeled sandals. During battle, she wears a red top resembling her Part 2 one with the Uchiha crest on the back, elbow protectors and flatter sandals. She sometimes wears a white apron.

Road to Omniverse Edit

In Road to the Omniverse and a few Shippuden episodes, Sakura wears a yellow t-shirt underneath her red top, pink wristbands, a dark blue skirt, and her black low heel, knee-high boots. In Shippuden, she wore this outfit without wristbands.

Biography Edit

Animas Extravaganza Edit

In this series, Sakura arrived to Massachusettes with Team 7 after hunting down The Larssons, who have stolen from her home town. After breaking out of prison and taking out Team Rocket, Sakura continues to spend the Holidays with the Connellys before parting ways.

Road to Omniverse Edit

Sakura was sent to an alternate timeline where Naruto wasn't a hero. However, her memory wasn't erased, due to having Sasuke's DNA(How Sasuke is immune is explained in his profile). Because of this, Her and Sasuke are held hostage by Olivia and Vinny. and with a little help from Frederick Jones, Naruto frees them and takes them back to the park. Sakura then helps the gang take down Eon before parting ways.

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