Ryan Lucier is a recurring character appearing in the High School Years and Forever Sophomores series. He is a classmate of Tom, Trent, Willy and Caillou. In Freshman Year, he was in their World History and English class. In Sophomore Year, He is now in each of Tom and co.'s Academic classes, except Geometry. He appears in almost every episode.

Personality Edit

Ryan often acts as a bully. He often torments Chris, and eventually Willy, after Nick's brainwashing. However, he would sometimes wide with Willy whenever Chris was rude. Other times, he takes Chris's side. He also has Nick's manipulative trait. For example, he's always trying to turn Eddie against Willy in US History. Ryan's most common catchphrase in the Forever Sophomores series is "STOP! GO!". He appears in almost every episode.

Appearance Edit

Ryan is a chubby boy with light pink skin, brown eyes, and brown hair. He also sports glasses. Like most of his classmates and teachers, Ryan's outfits change very frequently. He is often seen wearing a black hooded jacket with a light gray short-sleeved undershirt(sometimes black, red, blue, or other colors), dark blue sweatpants with white vertical stripes(sometimes shorts or black pants), and black sneakers. In the Forever Sophomores series his sneakers are gray.

Gallery Edit


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