Paul Sazuki is a recurring character appearing in the High School Years and Forever Sophomores series. He is a classmate of Tom, Trent, Willy, and Caillou. He is another victim of Nathan's brainwashing. In Freshman Year, he's in their World History, English, and Algebra classes. In Sophomore year, he's in their Wellness class. He appears in almost every episode.

Personality Edit

It can be seen on numerous occasions that Paul has severe anger issues. He usually yells at or attacks anyone who trash-talks him. In Season 18, Paul used to stick up for Willy a lot, but like every single one of his friends, He was turned against Willy by the infamous Nathan Redheart. He tries to attack people who insult his "dead" mom, but is often restrained by a bystander. He appears in almost every episode

Appearance Edit

Paul has fair skin, blue eyes, and black hair. His outfits vary throughout the series, but he is mostly seen in 3 outfits. His first outfit consists of a green hoodie with a white undershirt and khaki shorts. His second outfit consists of a brown jacket with a green undershirt and blue jeans. His third outfit, which is his gym outfit, consists of a white t-shirt with navy blue shorts. He wears black sneakers with all 3 of these outfits.

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