Ellena C. "Nona" Connelly, is a recurring character in the show School Daze. She is the Grandmother of Tom, Allison, Alex, Michael, Isabella, and Lucas on Jerry’s side of the family. She’s also the mother of Jerry, Judy, and Janine. She often asks Jerry to come to her house to fix or install something. She also appears in holiday specials.

Personality Edit

Nona is caring and dependant on her son. She would often ask Uncle Jerry to help fix stuff in her house. She also gathers the family for brunch or Christmas.

Prominence Edit

  • School Daze Christmas Movie(series debut)
  • 2 Assemblies and a Funeral(final 8GA appearance)
  • The Spirits of Verbal Abuse(first re-appearance)
  • A Weekend of Shopping
  • School Daze Christmas Chronicles 11: The Holiday Extravaganza
  • School Daze 2: A Jolly Good Battle(movie debut)
  • Pokemon Franklin Expeditions 19: The Brunch Bunch
  • Sweet Mother of Mine
  • Biology MCAS (Part 1)
  • The Final Frontier(final HSY appearance)
  • Driving-Into Attempt #2(first re-appearance)
  • The Cable Crew
  • Battle for Vacation!
  • Two Yard Sales and One Piece!(final appearance in Paradise series)
  • Jerry’s Birthday Part 1: Nona’s Door Troubles(first re-appearance)
  • The School Daze 30th Anniversary Special!
  • Life During Post-Thanksgiving! Christmas is just around the Corner!
  • Christmas is Here! The Waiting Has Finally Paid Off!
  • Peace Be With Bill
  • Party at Jerry’s Hometown
  • Easter Kicks off the Month (Part 2)
  • 2 House Tours, 1 Walker, and a Table Return
  • Nona’s Wishful Birthday
  • A Trip Down Fatal Lane
  • Party of Coughs(final FS appearance)

Appearance Edit

Nona has tan skin, brown eyes, and brown hair. Her outfits vary throughout the series, but she is mostly seen in one outfit, which consists of a blue jean jacket, a black undershirt, gray trousers, and pink slippers.

Sometimes, she is ween wearing a sweater or blouse of various colors (usually blue, purple, white, red, black, green, or other colors), her gray trousers(sometimes black, blue, brown, or other colors), and black shoes or sandals.

In Animas Extravaganza, she wears a black sweater with white trousers and black shoes.

Gallery Edit