Nathan Redheart is a recurring character in the High School Years and Forever Sophomores series. He was Willy's former arch-rival, and he has been ever since he stole his popularity in "The Retard Bully". In Season 30, the two had a truce. He debuted in "High School Begins".

Personality Edit

Nathan is rude, selfish, and manipulative. He is always mocking Willy for his messy hair, unshaved beard, and his habit of walking on his toes. Willy used to be popular in freshman year, until Nathan jumped in and took his popularity away in retaliation for making fun of his mother. Since then, all of Willy's friends have been treating him like an outcast. Whenever Willy tries to be cool, Nathan would always turn him down by telling him that what he's doing is "too far". He even took full credit for the roasts Willy found on Pinterest. He is also shown to be a troublemaker in class. For example, he would always slap other kids in the neck, spend too much time in the bathroom, and of course, humiliate Willy or try to get him in trouble. However, after the truce, Nathan stopped mistreating Willy and matured greatly. He has been appearing in almost every episode since his debut in "High School Begins".

Appearance Edit

Nathan has fair skin, brown eyes, and brown hair. He is often seen wearing a light gray hoodie with a long or short-sleeved undershirt of varying colors(usually black, white, maroon, blue, gray, or yellow)., black, white, or gray sweatpants or shorts(sometimes khakis), and navy blue sneakers. Starting at season 23, his sneakers are black.

Gallery Edit

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