Brian Schaft, is a main character appearing in the Forever Sophomores Series. He is the teacher of Tom, Trent, Willy, and Caillou in Academic Support and Geometry. In Seasons 18-25, he made cameos in the hallway, was mentioned by Ms. Robinson, and even visited her classroom on a few occasions. He’s been appearing in almost every episode since “The Learning Continues”.

Personality Edit

In the High School Years series, Mr. Schaft was described by Ms. Robinson as a slob. In one episode of the Christmas Chronicles series, she reveals that his desk is really messy. She then tells her students to come up with ideas to prank him in their journals. Ms. Robinson eventually decides to prank him with gnomes, which Mr. Schaft is terrified of. In Larsson and the Power of One, he is sown to be strict. For example, When Tom and his friends were in a small group room taking a biology test, Mr. Schaft and his students were taking a geometry test in there as well. He was seen scolding another student for refusing to do any work. In the Forever Sophomores series, he is shown to be calmer. In the first episode of said series, he reveals that he’s been working as a Special Ed. Teacher for 30 years. He’s been appearing in almost every episode since Season 28.

Appearance Edit

Mr. Schaft has tan skin and brown eyes. He is bald with gray hair on the sides. He also sports glasses. His outfits vary throughout the series, but he is mostly seen in one outfit, consisting of a blue polo shirt, a brown belt with a silver buckle, khaki pants, and brown loafers.

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