Mr. Shiro is a main character appearing in the Advanced Education series. He is the teacher of Tom, Trent, Willy, Bonnie, and Mason in Behavioral Science. Like Willy and Rick, he is voiced by Hank Azaria, and debuted in "Make New Friends, But Keep The Old".

Description Edit

Mr. Shiro is a kind and helpful teacher, but he can get frustrated whenever one of his students goof off. He has stated that he likes to make fun of the students who would goof off. However, he does give them permission to mock him back. When outside of school, he likes to go hunting, and makes the animals he kills into household items like carpets and coat hangers. He first appeared in "Make New Friends, But Keep The Old".

Looks Edit

Mr. Shiro has fair skin, blue eyes, and short, gray hair. He also has a mustache, and because of it, some students say that he looks like the Lorax. His outfits vary throughout the series, but he is mostly seen wearing a blue short-sleeved dress shirt with a white square outline pattern on it, khaki pants, and dark brown boots. This outfit is often seen in different colors. He also carries a stick, and is rarely seen without it.

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