Allison Rose Connelly, is a main character in the show School Daze. She is Tom’s younger sister. She would torment Tom’s friends on occasion. Allison is a computer whiz, meaning that she’s on the computer constantly, and despite this, she still does homework or chores, which would make her parents proud. She appears in almost every episode.

Personality Edit

Allison is a computer whiz. Allison would use her laptop every day, this has a huge effect on her grades. It affects her grades because instead of doing any work, Allison would play computer games, such as Roblox. It even distracts her from cleaning her room. Sally and William have confiscated it on a few occasions, just to get her to do her work. She would always torment Tom’s friends. Like for example, If a character, such as Rigby, were to whine about something, She would piss him off by telling him how annoying he is. She would sarcastically say “Good for You” to some characters on a few occasions. Like Tom, Allison sometimes acts as the Voice of Reason. She is very talkative, like for example, She would always tell her Uncle Jerry about stuff that happens to her at school, or in a video game. She would often get upset whenever Alex insulted or annoyed her, and sometimes, no reason at all. This would always result in Allison shunning him for a long period of time.

Biography Edit

Allison was born to Annabelle and William on July 3, 2003. She grew up in Norwood and Franklin along with her brothers Tom and Alex and her cousin Michael. Unlike Tom and Willy, Allison got her education from Parmenter Elementary School, which is located across the street from her current house. After Sally and Jerry divorced, She, along with Tom, Alex, and Sally moved to 270 King Street. She attend the same middle school as Tom, Trent, and Willy: Remington Middle School. She is currently attending Franklin High School with her brother Tom.

Appearance Edit

Allison has fair skin, brown eyes, and blonde hair. She has a beauty mark on her left cheek. Sometimes, her hair is in a ponytail. Like many characters, Allison's outfits change very frequently, but she is mostly seen wearing 8 main outfits.

Original Series Edit

In the Original Series, Allison mostly wears a white t-shirt with a picture of Olaf on it, blue denim shorts, and black slip-on shoes.

8th Grade Adventures Edit

Starting with the 8th Grade Adventures series, she wears a lime green tank top, pink trousers, and orange converse sneakers.

Style B Edit

Her Style B outfit consists of a tan jacket with a red tank top underneath, black leggings, and black Mary Jane shoes.

Style C Edit

Her Style C consists of a long, green cargo jacket with brown fur on the hood, an undershirt of varying colors, dark blue jeans, and brown shoes.

Style D Edit

Her Style D outfit consists of a blue jacket with red trim, an undershirt of varying colors, the black leggings from Style B, and white converse sneakers.

Style E Edit

Her Style E outfit consists of a red flannel shirt with a white short-sleeved undershirt, dark blue jeans, and tan sndals with white straps.

Style F Edit

Her Style F outfit consists of a black college jacket, a long or short-sleeved undershirt of varying colors (usually black, white, red, light blue, pink, green, brown, or gray), black trousers, and black adidas sneakers or sandals. Sometimes, her jacket is replaced with a dark beige cardigan, a black Hawaiian shirt, a red hoodie, or a light gray jacket with a dark gray zig-zag pattern.

Childhood Edit

As a child, she wore a pink polo shirt with frilly sleeves, blue denim shorts, white socks, and black tap-shoes.

Animas Extravaganza Edit

Allison's primary outfit in Animas Extravaganza consists of a dark green sweater with a picture of the grinch on it, her trademark black leggings, and brown shoes.

The Weirdness War Edit

Allison is shown wearing several outfits throughout the Forever Sophomores finale. All of the outfits she wore are listed below:

  • In the first scene, when she goes out to eat at UNO's with Tom and co., She wore a yellow and white striped t-shirt (which she purchased in the previous season), blue jeans, and white slip-on shoes.
  • When she goes shopping for teacher gifts at Bath & Body Works and Stop & Shop, she wore a navy blue and gray striped t-shirt with her blue jeans and white shoes.
  • On the first day of the family trip to Maine, She wore her tan jacket and red undershirt from Style B. She keeps her blue jeans, but her white shoes are replaced by a black pair of sandals.
  • On the second day of the trip, she can be seen wearing a black t-shirt with light and dark gray vertically-striped pants, which she received from Nona. She also wears her black sandals.
  • On the third and final day of the trip, She wears a black t-shirt with white stripes, as well as keeping her blue jeans and black sandals.
  • When Tom and the gang returns to school on Monday, She can be seen wearing an outfit similar to her primary outfit in the finale, but her blue jeans are replaced with a pair of black shorts.
  • On the last day of school, Allison was seen wearing an open black Hawaiian shirt with a pink and green floral pattern, a black short-sleeved undershirt, and her blue jeans and white shoes.

Relationships Edit

Allison is able to get along very well with her family and friends, but she despises most of Tom's unintelligent friends, such as Boots, Rigby, Alex, Stewie, Baby Jaguar, and Team Rocket. She often states that she hates them because they are annoying and that they "existed". She hates her father William most of all, that's because he's verbally abusive towards the family, and he made her cry 3 times: The first time was "The Weather Game", the second time was "School Daze 3: Marquez and the Orb of Life", and the third time was "Return to Maine". She often gets upset with Alex for insulting or annoying her.

Trivia Edit

  • Allison is the first main character to debut in the actual School Daze series instead of a different program.
  • Allison shares the same voice actress as many female teachers: Kayla Anderson
  • Allison is known to get an injury in almost every episode she appears in.
  • She is a big fan of Big Brother.
  • She's also one of the only characters to never use coarse language.
  • According to Alex, Allison has apparently used Pluto the Elf on the Shelf to wish the snow away, which explains why It never snows in December.
  • In the High School Years series, Allison reveals that she hates doing chorus.
  • Brian, Tico, and Mordecai are the only animals that Allison has yet to rant on.
  • Allison only had 2 of Tom's old teachers. Those two teachers being Mr. Kammerer and Mr. Masto.

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