Advanced Education is the sixth series in the School Daze franchise. It features Tom, Trent, and Willy's adventures in their Junior Year, along with their new friends, Bonnie and Mason.

Characters Edit

Main Edit

Tom Connelly

Trent Boyett

Willy Fredrickson

Bonnie Anderson

Mason Patzer

Alex Connelly



Allison Connelly

Michael Connelly

Aunt Sally

William P. Connelly

Uncle Jerry

Terri Menton

Andy Davis

Dora Marquez

Diego Marquez

Caillou Tollar

Toys Edit


Buzz Lightyear

Jessie (Toy Story)




Mr. Potato Head

Recurring Edit

Sid Phillips

Daniel Lavrich

Rick Nabavi

David Callahan

Jacob Munsen

Janet Uganden

Bryce Racer

Mr. Shiro

Mr. Robatsu

Mrs. Beruku

Mrs. Collins

Mrs. Fureku

Mrs. Gaishutsu

Ms. Hizamazuku

Minor Edit




Nathan Redheart


Other Students

Plot Edit

While Bonnie Anderson and Mason Patzer, along with their toys, go with Andy Davis to his mother's house to help her move a carpet, when, unbeknownst to them, Sid Phillips is stalking them, recording footage of the toys coming to life, and showing it to the Government, who later show up at their house to try and take the toys away so they can experiment on the toys and eventually destroy them, and Bonnie and Mason, who found out on a prior occasion, are devastated by this. Their parents, not wanting them to be unhappy, decide to take the kids and move to Fredford Massachusetts to avoid the government. Meanwhile, Tom goes on one last adventure with Dora, Diego, and Caillou before they move away. Once they left, Tom goes Back-to-School shopping with his family. At Staples, he met Bonnie and Mason, who were looking for Jessie after she snuck off. The Next Day, Tom, along with Bonnie and Mason, begin attending Robinson Middle School for their junior year, and get new teachers: Mr. Shiro, their Behavioral Science Teacher, Mr. Robatsu, their US History Teacher, Mrs. Beruku, their English teacher, and for Algebra II, they are reunited with their Geometry Teacher, Mrs. Collins. Unfortunately, None of Tom and co.'s friends (such as Daniel, David, or the others), are in their classes(though Rick is on their bus again), So Tom makes plans for them to hang out outside of school.

Episodes Edit

Season 38 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot: Airdate
733 1 A New Beginning Bonnie, Mason, and the toys spend the last weekend of Summer at Andy's house. Meanwhile, Sid is plotting revenge on Andy's Toys for traumatizing him as a kid. 8/26/18
734 2 Make New Friends, But Keep The Old! To prevent Sid and the Government from destroying the toys, Bonnie and Mason move to Fredford Massachusetts and meet Tom Connelly, whose friends Caillou, Dora, and Diego have moved away around the same time. Later, the gang begins their Junior year of High School. 8/28/18
735 3 A Scoopful of Projects Tom and co. are forced to finish 3 Projects on the Second day of School. Meanwhile, Willy introduces Bonnie and Mason to the newest Gameria: Papa's Scooperia. 8/29/18
736 4 The Big Brother Binge Tom and co. begin their 4-day long weekend by going to Michael and Jerry's house, and watching a lot of Big Brother. 8/30/18
737 5 Judi and the Abandoned Basement Tom and co. once again visit Nona in Westwood to help fix up Judi's house in the basement, which was left to rot since the move. 9/1/18
738 6 Al's Heart-Attack Barn Sid goes on a search for Al so he can get some help with stealing the toys. Meanwhile, Alex shows some signs of potentially having a Heart-Attack. 9/3/18
739 7 Column Column Note Note! Tom and co. are assigned to do some 2-column notes in US History. Later, they read and analyze a children's book called "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!" in English II. 9/4/18
740 8 Assembled Power-Outage Tom and co. attend yet another assembly that explans all the school rules. Later, the power at the Connely's house randomly goes out. 9/5/18
741 9 The Homework Hitch Tom and co. forget to finish a homework assignment in English. Also, most of their soon-to-be due homework begins to go missing as well. 9/6/18
742 10 Toys to Fenway Tom and co. go to Fenway Park yet again to see the Red-Sox play, but this time, Bonnie and Mason tag along. Meanwhile, the toys have a bet, and want to go too, so they hitch a ride in Bonnie's backpack. 9/7/18
743 11 Greg and Jerry's Blue-Collar Adventure Tom and co. meet up with Uncle Jerry's friend Greg, and together, they head back to Nona's House and empty out Judi's House in the basement, mainly the drawers in the bedroom. 9/8/18
744 12 Happy-Time Proposals Tom and co. witness a former Big Brother cast member proposing to his love interest on Big Brother. Later, they once again go to the movies and see Happy-Time Murders. 9/10/18
745 13 Lots to Do Tom and co. are given so much work to do in class, and they have to work real hard to complete it. 9/11/18
746 14 Papers of Industry Tom and the gang are assigned 2 essays from English and History. One of them is due this Friday, and the other one is due next Tuesday. 9/12/18
747 15 Return of the Observation Assignment In Behavioral Science, Tom and the gang are assigned an Animal Behavior Observation project, similar to another project from way back in the 7th Grade. 9/13/18
748 16 Toys to Fenway 2: The Rematch Deja vu occurs as Tom and co. return to Fenway Park and watch ANOTHER Red-Sox game, and unfortunately, William is in his worst mood. Meanwhile, The toys see this as a perfect opportunity for a rematch. 9/14/18
749 17 Road to Fuddrucker's Tom and co. take a long drive to a different town to look at a new car for Trina, and eventually end up going to a Mall, and eating at Fuddrucker's for dinner. 9/16/18
750 18 Too Much Homework XVIII Tom and co. must finish an English Homework assignment that was assigned last Friday, but Unfortunately, They receive even more homework from 2 other classes, and have to get THAT done as well. 9/17/18
751 19 The FAA "Field Trip" Tom and co go on an in-school "Field Trip" to the auditorium for an FAA meeting. There, they go over the rules and expectations for the program. 9/18/18
752 20 Con Todos Mis Amigos! Tom and the gang plan to go to the movies with Daniel and David during their day off while recurring a time they went on a big adventure together in the 8th Grade. 9/19/18
753 21 How to Present a Quiz Tom and co. take a quiz in Algebra II. Later, they watch a video on how do do a presentation In My Money, My Life, and present a project in English II. 9/20/18
754 22 The Concert Chronicles Tom and the gang get a visit from Gammy during the weekend. Meanwhile, Dora and her friends are going to a concert, and Caillou, along with Diego, Alicia, Stewie, and Brian must retrieve a stolen bracelet for Dora. 9/22/18

Season 39 Edit

No. Overall No. in Season Title Plot Airdate
755 1 Let's Read The Great Gatsby Tom and the gang begin to read The Great Gatsby in English class. 9/24/18
756 2 Truce with the Drama Team Willy decides to patch things up with Robert, Chad, and Toby, but continues to give Eric the silent treatment. 9/25/18
757 3 Guess Who's Back! Caillou returns to Fredford to help Tom and co. finish a lot of schoolwork. 9/26/18
758 4 Lockdown Jury Tom and co. continue to work on their butt-load of assignments, when they go through another Lockdown Drill. Later, they all gather together to watch the Big Brother finale. 9/27/18
759 5 Re-Enter Dora and Diego; Coolmath Exits. While Tom and co. are still working on their large quantities of work, something tragic happens: Coomath has been blocked! Later, Dora and Diego return to Fredford, and the whole gang plans to spend the weekend together. 9/28/18
760 6 The Main 8 Reunion Tom and co. spend the weekend with Michael, and Dora, Diego, Caillou, and all their friends tag along. 9/29/18
761 7 Gatsby on a Deadline Tom and co. spend all night watching The Great Gatsby movie, but not before dealing with technical difficulties. Later, they rush to get a formal paragraph done before English class starts. 10/1/18
762 8 Kermitted to Shopping Tom and co. discover a new plushie channel. Later, they try to finish another formal paragraph and go on a small trip to Target. 10/2/18
763 9 The First Behavioral Science Test Tom and the gang have to take a test in Behavioral Science, so they decide to study hard in Academic Support. Their grades are already good, so will they pass the test, or will they get their first F in Junior Year? 10/3/18
764 10 It Just Never Ends! Tom and co., despite finishing their current work, have to deal with even more school-work: Their History Museum Project, their Research Project, and their upcoming 4th Formal Paragraph. Meanwhile, Rigby reveals that his parents might force him to move out of Fredford due to fear that he's living in an "unhealthy environment". 10/4/18
765 11 The Exhibit Problem Tom and co. are given even more stress after learning that they have to make 6 news articles for their History Museum Project. 10/5/18
766 12 Vlogger 2: The Heat of the Moment Tom and the gang go on an errand spree, as well as a long road trip to Providence to see a Fire Show. Meanwhile, Alex continues to film everywhere he goes. 10/6/18
767 13 Journey Through the Witches Woods Tom and the gang go to a haunted theme park and go through the scariest attractions, while Alex secretly films it all. 10/7/18
768 14 Small Foot Inspection Tom and the gang go to the movies and see "Small Foot". Meanwhile, a couple of suspicious-looking health inspectors come to inspect the Griffin House. 10/8/18
769 15 What's Eating Caillou? When Tom and co. return to school after a long weekend, Caillou comes back with feelings of regret and devastation, caused by the events of the previous episode. 10/9/18
770 16 Just a Meet & Greet Tom and the gang attend the annual FAA Meet & Greet. Meanwhile, Caillou and Brian end up going to Little Bill's place just in time for Baby Suzy's birth. 10/9/18
771 17 I'm So Alone! Alex, Mordecai, and Rigby are told to go to Caillou's house to pick up his 3DS, only to find Rosie crying over the events of "Small Foot Inspection". Meanwhile, Tom and co.'s teacher's still won't give their students a break. 10/10/18
772 18 Ni Hao to the Paw Patrol Caillou, Little Bill, and Brian meet up with Kai-Lan and Rider to get them to help with their mission. Meanwhile, Tom and co. begin calculating Daniel's classes, and Later go to a school meeting. On the way, they reunite with an old friend. 10/11/18
773 19 Where's Rigby? Tom and co. begin their research project on Raccoons for Behavioral Science. Later, they all go to the movie theater, and Rigby gets lost there. 10/12/18
774 20 Tom and Friends vs. the SAT's Tom and the gang must take the SAT's test on Saturday, and Trent isn't too happy about it. 10/13/18
775 21 The Black Box of Newsies Tom and co. go to The Black Box, which is a theater in their tow. There, they see The Newsies. 10/14/18
775 22 Imperialism Slides In History, Mr. Robatsu makes his students put their notes into a slideshow. 10/15/18
777 23 Picture Day Cancellation Tom and co. are prepared for Picture Day. However, since they drop History, they are unable to have their pictures taken. 10/16/18
778 24 Maths & Determination Tom and the gang learn of an upcoming History test, and are determined to finish the study guide, but things get out of hand with the Algebra Homework, and the Research Project. 10/17/18
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